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About Us

 About Us


The Brand  Spa da Pele® is dedicated to the development of services and products with cosmeceuticals function to rejuvenate, restore, lighten, cleanse and moisturize the skin, in addition to detox body and facial, with anti-cellulite action, anti-striae, anti-acne and against the localized fat.

Spa  da Pele  treatments for Skin go beyond the aesthetics, promote the well being of the body and the mind , and offer a variety of protocols and treatments that use ingredients (active principles) natural and sustainable, such as the Amazon forest , as well inputs for international consecrated  development , research, and biotechnology. Today this is prominent in leading Spas of Brazil.

Since its creation the Brand Spa da Pele was present in the main international fairs and national of the Country, exposing more than one hundred items , detailing their services and spreading new concepts of functional aesthetics.

In 2006 we partnered the ABF - Brazilian Association of franchises -, to seek business partners with the same entrepreneurial vision giving more solidity to the expansion project through the franchise system of products and services Spa da Pele®, we personalize the operational mode, which ensures the result of the proposed treatment and the quality trademark of franchiser Spa da Pele®.


From 2009 our Franchises Clinic , the  Day SPA DA PELE Franchising, won new layout, giving it international standards, guaranteeing greater practicality for those who care and more comfort and functionality for those who receive the treatments, leading once more on the concept of aesthetics and well-being .


Today the network of franchises and distributors with more than 36 units, with a margin of more than 92% of satisfaction of entrepreneurs franchisees, faithful to the processes and products, therefore attest to its quality day-to-day firming the concept of functional


With a company organized, solid and growing expansion of the network became inevitable have autonomy in the manufacture of their cosmetics, which ensures the functionality of our products and punctuality in delivery, in addition to ensure the high quality of cosmetics Spa da Pele and the fair price in its more than a hundred items.

That is why since 2008 we have productive autonomy. With industry itself and focused on products Skin Care and having laboratory for the development of new products, the company receives from various parts of the world, assets and research for its analysis and study, which provides the department of  P&D, Where the responsible chemical and doctors have the best tools for the development of new products - releases and cosmetic innovations , maintaining a leadership position in news and trends in this highly competitive sector.  


Now THE SPA da Pele  is preparing to conquer the boundaries overseas....

 "Nobody does anything alone, therefore the collective conscience is crucial for achieving the success of any business. Excellence in the production of advanced cosmetic and result of the organization at all levels and in all areas, in working groups, providing space for the ideas of all, always in constant search for better solutions, focusing on individual responsibility and autonomy of the teams, focusing at the goal of collective success. All this effort, allows the Spa da Pele  is not only one  more a cosmetic in the market but a synonyms  for success for all involved! "

Lucienne Souza, Founder of Spa da Pele.

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